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December 13, 2013

2013 Lime Award Winners for Excellence in Fiction


This time last year I bemoaned how difficult it was to whittle our many Lime Award Nominees down to a much shorter list of winners. With a total of 47 titles being nominated for our Excellence in Fiction Awards, 2013 was an even harder year. Our reviewers have made a bit of a name for themselves in being picky about which books they like, and as such, there were a few occasions where I wanted to just pick a name out of a hat rather than be forced to choose between several fantastic books. We’ve read a great collection of challenging, heart-pounding, touching and mind-blowing novels this year, and we hope there’s something here to catch your interest. Whether you’re looking for a sweet romance, a suspenseful adventure or a bedtime story for your children, I’m sure at least one of these titles will make its way on to your Christmas wishlist. Please join us in congratulating the 2013 Lime Award Winners for Excellence in Fiction!

Myself and the other TCM reviewers would like to issue a note of thanks to all of the authors, publicists and publishers who provided us with review copies throughout 2013. This list wouldn’t have been possible without them, and we’re excited to see what the publishing world brings in 2014!

Amish Fiction














The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim (Tyndale)

“The story is a work about how family relationships can make or break a person. Most of the characters in this story are broken. But once they came to God there was restoration, forgiveness, hope, and love that wasn’t there before.” –Tammy Cook

Amish Romance














Love Comes to Paradise by Mary Ellis (Harvest House)

If you like your Amish fiction to be a bit more edgy and to address situations that can affect anyone, Amish and English alike, then you won’t be disappointed by Love Comes to Paradise.” –Rachel Brand

Biblical & Historical Fiction













Iscariot by Tosca Lee (Howard)

Iscariot is a complex, inventive, beautiful, heart-wrenching, and a multitude of other positive adjectives all which speak of a well-written, inspiring novel.” –Melissa Willis

Chick-Lit & Women’s Fiction













Seaside Harmony by Evangeline Kelley (Guideposts)

“I related to this book in a way that I didn’t expect. I could understand the feeling of wanting to open the inn and start a new life away from the one the sisters were living, and would live, without their loved one.” –Susan Faloon

Children’s Fiction 













The Perfect Christmas Pageant by Joyce Meyer (Zonderkidz)

The Perfect Christmas Pageant is an outstanding children’s book that emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas.” –Sara Shoop

 Contemporary Fiction













The Dance by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley (Revell)

“Carefully written and delicately handled, The Dance is so much more than a contemporary fiction novel; it’s that gentle reminder of right and wrong told throughout a love story.” –Shondra Brown

Contemporary Romance 













Icing on the Cake by Janice Thompson (Revell)

“Thompson combines the perfect amount of emotional growth with enough physical displays of affection to leave me satisfied.” –Danyelle Hunnicutt

Crime & Legal Fiction













The King by Steven James (Signet Select)

“James includes a healthy dose of thought-provoking themes and spiritual encouragement.” –Melissa Willis

Historical Romance 













Under a Blackberry Moon by Serena B. Miller (Revell)

Under a Blackberry Moon is a grand adventure with a great story, interesting characters, and a sweet romance.” –Sara Shoop

Mystery, Suspense & Thrillers 












Frame 232 by Wil Mara (Tyndale)

“If you like action-packed stories, this one has more depth than many and I would highly recommend it.” –Heather Adams

Sci-Fi, Speculative & Fantasy












Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (Feiwel & Friends)

“Meyer has created a world of complex political struggles, and characters who are motivated by a grittier and deeper level of love than simple boy-meets-girl.” –Michelle Black

About the Author

Rachel Brand


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  1. Thank you so much for this honor, Christian Manifesto; what a joy it’s been to be reviewed by you all. We authors are so appreciative of what you do for the literary world!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Wow, what an honor! Christmas comes a little early for me. Thank you so much for this award. It’s a privilege to be set alongside so many gifted authors. And thanks to all the reviewers for your excellent summaries and sneak peeks into the stories we write. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

    Dan Walsh

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for honoring me in this fashion! I can’t believe it. What a lovely gift on a cold, blustery winter day in Ohio!!! Thanks to all your diligent reviewers. And thanks be to God, who allows me to serve Him in this way!

  4. Thanks so much! This is such an honor! I and the other authors for the Misty Harbor Inn series say a big thank you to all your reviewers!

  5. What a wonderful early Christmas gift! “Seaside Harmony,” Book #1 in the Postcards from the Misty Harbor Inn trilogy, is such a special book, as are all the books in the trilogy. Thank you for this terrific honor!

  6. At the moment, I’m in that dreaded final stage of writing my present book where I want to throw the computer out the window, have a good cry, crawl back in bed and sleep for week. In other words….this award couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks so much for all you do, and for encouragement you give with these awards.

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