hen a member of our church book club suggested The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn for our next monthly selection, I have to admit I was skeptical.  While simply being told that it was a book on Bible prophecy, I didn’t feel it would flow well for our particular group.  However, I do like to keep an open mind so I agreed and promptly purchased the book.

Nouriel, the main character, has a divine meeting with a prophet.  Actually, he has one divine meeting after another with this mysterious sentinel who seemingly appears out of thin air and has no time or travel restrictions, as does the mortal he visits.  It’s through these meetings, and subsequent seals that are given to Nouriel by the prophet that an epic mystery begins to unfold.  So unbelievable is this mystery that even Ana, a media mogul who Nouriel turns to with his story, greets it with much skepticism.  A prophetic mystery that will either destroy or save the entire United States of America is explained in nine harbingers –warnings or foretelling.  It’s up to Nouriel to discover the meaning behind each harbinger, dating back to September 11, 2001, and the attack on America. Using one, obscure Old Testament passage, the prophet helps Nouriel discover how history is repeating itself and right under their very noses.

Throughout the book, Nouriel is going back and forth between two storylines.  One, with Ana, the media mogul which Nouriel is sharing the story.  The other is his interactions with the mysterious man known only as ‘the prophet’.  The author does a nice job of keeping you engaged as you flow in and out of both storylines.

I began this book at one o’clock in the afternoon and didn’t put it down until finished at seven o’clock in the evening.  Not because I was under any time constraint.  Rather, simply because it was that captivating.  With each turn of the page came one more part of the mystery unfolding.  With each new seal brought a new harbinger, or warning.  Nouriel spends much of his time traveling between New York City and Washington, D.C. trying to find out the meaning of how this Old Testament prophecy may very well determine America’s fate.  Putting the book down just didn’t seem to be an option when America’s future seemed to hang on every turn of the page.

The Harbinger is classified as fiction.  However, Jonathan Cahn, a well-known Messianic Jew, widely acclaimed for his knowledge of Bible prophecies, makes it perfectly clear before you even read the Contents page, that what he’s writing, while in a story format, “…is real.”   Is this book actually fiction or non-fiction?  Good question and one I found myself asking from the first chapter to the last.

While I may have gone into reading this book skeptical about liking it, I came away very glad that I spent a day engrossed in it.  This story, fiction or non-fiction, is one that will leave you breathless.  Jonathan Cahn succeeds in making you feel as if you are Nouriel on this very journey to find the answers.  If you like reading Bible prophecy in a format that reminds you of the National Treasure movies, then this is a book you’ll enjoy.  Is Jonathan Cahn revealing something we all need to know or is it a book to keep you in suspense?  Is it possible to have both?  That certainly would be my choice.  Had it not been for the hanging questions, I would have rated it a notch higher.  Perhaps you’ll disagree.

–Rose Michels