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The Jacob Sessions Graphic.001 The Jacob Sessions

The Jacob Sessions, S:03, Ep. #9: God With Us

Calvin, David, and Kara talk about their favorite Christmas carols, Christmas traditions, and parents who wrestle with whether to let their children believe in Santa Claus.

Lizzy & Jane-Katherine Reay Katherine Reay

Lizzy & Jane

This story story about sisters and family (with a dash of romance) both pulls at your heartstrings and makes you cringe over flawed characters painted so well you’ll want to knock their heads together…

Wishing Season-Denise Hunter Denise Hunter

The Wishing Season

Denise Hunter writes inspirational romance with a sassy, spicy, spiritually-relevant flair that both touches hearts and leaves her readers begging for more…

LoveUnexpected_mck.indd Jody Hedlund

Love Unexpected

Jody Hedlund’s writing really transports you to another time and place and makes you feel as if you are in the story…

Buttermilk Sky-Jan Watson Jan Watson

Buttermilk Sky

This novel had the potential to be a charming, coming-of-age story set in a turn-of-the-century town, an historical setting rife with possibilities, but unfortunately it didn’t quite live up to that potential…