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3-The Dandelion Field Kathryn Springer

The Dandelion Field

Springer brings a great new book to the genre of Christian Romance…

Twisted Innocence-Terri Blackstock Terri Blackstock

Twisted Innocence

Terri Blackstock rounds out her Moonlighters Series with a thrilling, action packed plot that grips the readers with realistic characterization, harrowing danger, and swoon-worthy romance. This modern take on the story of the prodigal son is set against a grisly background of drugs and personal choices…

The Nerdy Theologian Graphics.001 The Nerdy Theologian

The Nerdy Theologian | Confessions of a Soon-to-Be Father

We have been entrusted by God with the training of another person capable of either making this world a better place to live or a worse place to live.

Mercy's Rain Cindy Sproles

Mercy’s Rain

This is truly a remarkable book . . . a story about the strength of the human spirit and our ability to find our way back to God in spite of life’s challenges . . .

The Calvin Moore Show Graphic.001 The Calvin Moore Show

The Calvin Moore Show | Season 1 | Ep. #2 | Reflections on MLK & ‘Selma’

Calvin Moore reflects on MLK and comments on the new ‘Selma’ movie.

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3-The Dandelion Field
The Dandelion Field
Twisted Innocence

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Mercy’s Rain