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The Promise of Palm Grove-Shelley Shepard Gray Shelley Shepard Gray

The Promise of Palm Grove

I could not put this novel down, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters…

A Brush With Love-Rachel Hauck Rachel Hauck

A Brush with Love

This was a quite predictable novella but it really is perfect for someone just looking for a cute story that can be read in one sitting…

The Jacob Sessions Graphic.001 The Jacob Sessions

The Jacob Sessions, S:03, Ep. #13: Just Don’t Marry One, Part 1 (Runaway Bride)

Amy, Calvin, David, and Kara discuss a popular article that discusses the types of men and women that Christians should avoid when considering marriage.

The Beekeeper's Son-Kelly Irvin Kelly Irvin

The Beekeeper’s Son

The book is much more than I anticipated when I realized there were two potential romances within the pages…

Esther-Angela Hunt Angela Hunt


One of the most well beloved women of the Bible comes to life with a fresh new perspective and charming writing from Angela Hunt…

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