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The Calvin Moore Show Graphic.001 The Calvin Moore Show

The Calvin Moore Show | Season 1 | Ep. #2 | Reflections on MLK & ‘Selma’

Calvin Moore reflects on MLK and comments on the new ‘Selma’ movie.

Sabotaged-Dani Pettrey Dani Pettrey


In this fifth and final book of the Alaskan Courage series, Dani Pettrey weaves an ecoterrorism mystery full of red herrings into the iconic Iditarod race to create the perfect final act and curtain call for her brilliant debut series…

The Promise of Palm Grove-Shelley Shepard Gray Shelley Shepard Gray

The Promise of Palm Grove

I could not put this novel down, and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters…

A Brush With Love-Rachel Hauck Rachel Hauck

A Brush with Love

This was a quite predictable novella but it really is perfect for someone just looking for a cute story that can be read in one sitting…

The Jacob Sessions Graphic.001 The Jacob Sessions

The Jacob Sessions, S:03, Ep. #13: Just Don’t Marry One, Part 1 (Runaway Bride)

Amy, Calvin, David, and Kara discuss a popular article that discusses the types of men and women that Christians should avoid when considering marriage.

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Sabotaged-Dani Pettrey
A Brush with Love


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