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The Christian Manifesto Bids Farewell to Rachel Brand

We are santo see Rachel Brand leave us, but we wish her all the best with her new endeavor!

Limes Lime Awards

2014 Lime Award Winners for Excellence in Fiction

While there may have been slightly fewer nominees for this year’s Lime Awards (are we getting even pickier?) compared to 2013, that didn’t make it any easier to narrow down the choices to just one winner in each category. 2014 provided us with many challenging, spiritually enriching, unputdownable, and just plan enjoyable novels. Whether you’re [...]

Jacob Sessions Season 3 Graphic.001 The Jacob Sessions

The Jacob Sessions, S:03, Ep. #8: Marrying for Maturity

Calvin, David, and Kara talk about the culture of marriage in the church and whether it leads to Christian maturity.

The Bracelet Dorothy Love

The Bracelet

Love does an amazing job at setting the scene and making the reader feel as though they are living in Savannah during this time period. She employs various senses to really bring each scene alive in the reader’s mind.

For Such a Time as This Angie Smith

For Such a Time as This

While nothing can or should take the place of the Bible, this book will make excellent family devotional reading with built-in application at the end of the story, gorgeous illustrations to keep younger children engaged, and solid Biblical teaching to aid in understanding the saving message of the Bible itself.