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Jacob Sessions Season 3 Graphic.001
The Jacob Sessions

The Jacob Sessions, S:03, Ep. #2: Hey Girl! (How NOT To Compliment a Woman)

Posted  October 24, 2014  by  TCM Admin

Calvin, David, and Kara talk about their different views on complimenting women, cat calling, and flattery.

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Ted Dekker

A.D. 30

Posted  October 22, 2014  by  Melissa Willis

On the one hand it’s quite challenging, but on the other hand it offers a lot of hope to people longing to find peace in their lives.

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Ted Dekker


Posted  October 21, 2014  by  Melissa Willis

Ted has a brilliant imagination and when he turns that imagination loose, great things happen.

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Lynn Austin

Keepers of the Covenant

Posted  October 20, 2014  by  Marisa Deshaies

“Keepers of the Covenant” is one of my favorite novels of 2014, and I am already eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

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Thief of Glory
Sigmound Brouwer

Thief of Glory

Posted  October 17, 2014  by  Multiple Reviewers

“Thief of Glory” is truly a remarkable book. It takes an obscure part of history and turns it into a captivating tale of hope and courage in the midst of deplorable conditions.

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